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Ah, the challenge of working to a brief! Below is the slowly building showcase of some commercial work for local and national businesses. On this page, you will also find some of my work that has been used in album artwork.

As always, this page will continue to evolve.

Inspirations Paint

I had the pleasure of working with local artist Andrew Howells from Stampede Style and stylist Louise Hatcher to produce the following works for national company Inspirations Paint. The images were created to display how artwork should be matched with the right colour of high quality paint.

The photographs were then used in an article on the Inspirations Paint website.

ISC: Industrial Spill Control

“Sexy” is not the word you normally associate with chemical and oil absorbents, but that was the task at hand. Working in a storage shed with the team from Industrial Spill Control, a makeshift studio was set up on shipping pallets and with a black bed sheet. In the coming months, these images and many more will be used for their new website, catalogues and instructional materials.

Bob Corbett

I have had the pleasure of working repeatedly with Toyota Starmaker and ABC Music Award winner Bob Corbett and his band. From video and photography, my work has been used for promotion, album artwork, and publicity.

Charlton House

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious feed for breakfast! I was invited to take some promotional photos of the breakfast for Charlton House, a bed and breakfast based in Wallsend, Newcastle NSW. After tasting the food after the shoot, I can assure you it tastes as good as it looks!